Tropical Storm Bopha

Latest Storm Track. Were the small group of islands in the circle between Sat and Sunday.

The weather in Palau is usually quite beautiful.  Its sunny, then it rains. Its rains then there’s sun. Sometimes, it’s sunny and raining. That’s pretty much it.  Palau is called the Rainbow’s End.  I didn’t understand until I arrived.  I see a rainbow just about every day. Its wonderful.

This week however, we’re all making preparations for Tropical Storm Bopha, which is expected to arrive some time on Sunday.  They are forecasting 100kt gusts. However, I don’t think Palau has had a major storm in almost 20 years.  If were lucky, it will drift North, closer to Yap, and we will avoid a direct hit.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are nothing new for me, but this time, when I look at the projected path of the storm, and it swallows up the entire country, it’s a little bit different.  My roommate, Natasha and I will be getting some canned tuna, corn and o SPAM (joke, we hate spam) and fresh water in case we lose some utilities.

 I’m sure everything will be ok, just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.  I’ll do my best to keep in touch if the power or phones are out.  I don’t know the exact website to check up, but Google BOPHA to keep up on the storm tracks and the latest forecasts.


Tropical Storm Bopha heading towards Palau and Yap

Posted on November 28, 2012 by Oceania TV News

By Rolynda Jonathan

Koror, Palau – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has placed a tropical storm warning for Nukuoro in Pohnpei State and Lukunor in Chuuk State as a result of Tropical Storm Bopha.

“Tropical Storm Bopha is about 288 miles southeast of Chuuk moving west northwest at 7 mph with the maximum wind at 60 mph”, said Kikuko Mochimaru, Staff Meteorologist of the National Weather Service in Koror.

As of 12:00 pm on Wednesday November 28, Bopha is predicted to be moving in the direction of Palau and Yap, and is predicted to make landfall in Palau on December 3rd at 3:00 am.

Mochimaru says, “this may change in the course of the next few days, but this is the prediction as of today.”

Tropical Storm Bopha is expected to intensify within the next 24 hours upgrading to a typhoon with winds at 115 mph and gust at 143 mph.

The Palau National Emergency Committee is advising the community to take necessary measures in preparation for the potential typhoon heading in Palau’s direction.

People are being advised to gather emergency supplies such as drinking water, food and flashlights including other necessary preparations such boarding up windows, trimming nearby trees and securing any loose objects in and around their properties.

The National Weather Service, National Emergency Management Office and the National Emergency Committee are working collaboratively in monitoring the storm as it heads towards Palau.


3 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Bopha

  1. Hi Annette, my name is Fred and I have living in Palau (Topside) for 3 years. I’ve been back in Denver for the last 3 months and am coming back there. My current flight is actually scheduled to arrive just about exactly as the same time as Bopha, which would make for a pretty bumpy landing. I’m getting on line to delay my flight a few days, I guess. Thanks for this post. I’ll be following this site closely for the next few days. Be safe. Fred


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